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Hello and thank you for choosing our website! As the owner of Old World Finishing Inc., I am pleased to let you know that it is a pleasure

helping you stain or paint your furniture that will ensure durability for many years. You may have noticed that is getting harder and harder

to find a top quality piece of furniture with the right finish that meets your taste, one that you know will stand the test of time.



Please contact us @  954-772-5211                                

We are very excited to announce that we are one of only a few companies that are using GREENGUARD CERTIFIED

products(http://www.greenguard.org/en/consumers.aspx). There are many products claiming to be green but the majority of them are not

certified! We always hear people talking about something they have seen that may be a little overly done in color or aging realizing this

thought makes us, Old World Finishing Inc., come into the picture. The finishes that we do are or will be the closest plan to old furniture you

might have had or seen that aged naturally through the years. We pride ourselves in our ability to design a patent and not a pattern color for

your furniture It will fit your decorating style and be utilitarian and original at the same time. We stand behind our products 100%. We take

the extra time needed with each individual client to ensure that every piece is color designed and finished the way you want it. Our ultimate

goal is to provide you the satisfaction in our special finishes on your furniture that will last longer than a lifetime, and even become a family

heirloom. Hi! My name is Sam president of Old World Finishing Inc.  I have been finishing custom furniture for about twenty four years.

I have had a very long, colorful journey and an extensive learning experience in this business that has really had a good impact on my skills

that reached a very upscale limits because I have traveled, lived and worked with many different cultures during my journey. The cultures

and history that I have experienced on three different continents provided me with an extraordinary experience. I am thankful to all the

people who have helped me reach this level of knowledge. We as a company, use it today to provide our customers the best services and

understanding as  needed. I am a hands-on owner and I take part in every piece of furniture that is finished in our shop. we have many

celebrities done work for due to their privacy we choose not to display though we can state some : lows hotel in south beach Florida a 20k sq.

feet spa most Jupiter island residents the hermitage 2 in fort Lauderdale renaissance buildings 1-2-3 some are clients some are the building

interior itself communities residents as : In Boca Raton wood field country club , Addison reserve , polo club, Boca west , wood field hunt , the

Avalon , horseshoe acres , les gardens … palm beach old marsh , palm beach island , Frenchmen reserve , admirals cove , Jonathan landing ,

… fort Lauderdale : parkland , corral springs , plantation ,harper beach ,rio vista ,Weston …




I make myself personally available to every customer that would like to discuss any matter.

Old World Finishing Inc.

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8 thoughts on “Home page

  1. We have a very fine Ralph Loren Dining room table that we would like to have a protective treatment put on the tabletop finish to prevent stainas so that we may use it without tablecloth.

    1. hello thank you for contacting us in regards to your question there are only 2 solutions in our industry:

      A) clear coating with (automotive paint)

      B) highly recommended 3/8 or thicker tempered glass which we also provide to our customers.

      please let us know which way you might like as an approach, hope we answered your question properly thx Sam

      Old World Finishing Inc.
      4034 Ne 6th Ave
      Oakland Park FL-33334

      954-772-5211 office





  2. Hello,
    I would like to restain my kitchen cabinets. I believe they are maple with a light wood color and a white glaze. I would like them white or probably off white if that is possible. I would need to have an estimate to know if I could do it at this time or wait a bit longer. I appreciate your response. Thank you in advance Respectively, MaryAnne Iacovetta

    1. hi Mary Ann as per your email it is definitely workable to any color of your liking though to get you an estimate accurately I will need to see the kitchen or if you like call us I have send you another email with my cell phone number in order to communicate further thx Sam

  3. I am writing to inquire about replacing cane seats on Oak pressed back chairs. Do you do this or where can I have them recaned? Thank you

    1. hello Susie we will need a photo to see the design of the cane there are several kinds of caning that price will vary tremendously from one to another.

    1. Hello Debbie Berliner for sure we do high gloss finishing & we sure do only high quality gloss finishing we do automotive quality guaranteed you will see your reflection in our product ,

      please feel free to call us @ 954-772-5211 thx Sam

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